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About Honest Recruiter – Your Trusted Maid Agency in Singapore

Streamline your maid hiring with Honest Recruiter – your expert in matching the right help for your home.

At Honest Recruiter, a premier maid agency in Singapore, our approach extends beyond mere resumes. We conduct personal interviews with each candidate—whether seeking full-time or part-time positions—to deeply understand their character and capabilities, ensuring they harmonise with your family’s unique dynamics. 

As one of the finest maid agencies, our dedicated team diligently oversees every aspect, offering clients a seamless and comprehensive hiring process. Trust us to guide you effortlessly through every step, ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey in finding the ideal domestic worker for your home.

Helper Welfare and Training: Our Commitment to Excellence

Honest Recruiter, renowned as a premier maid agency in Singapore, introduces an exclusive Helpers Hostel to enhance the welfare and satisfaction of domestic workers, encompassing both part-time maids and full-time domestic workers. This state-of-the-art facility, boasting dining and pantry halls, air-conditioned living quarters, and quality linens, ensures a comfortable and rejuvenating stay. 

Our commitment extends to offering additional training and counselling, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your household, affirming our status as a leader in comprehensive domestic worker services in Singapore.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Core Values
Our Mission
Our core mission is to create mutually beneficial matches between families and domestic workers in Singapore, fostering environments where both parties thrive. We strive for 'Happy Family, Happy Maid,' ensuring every placement is a valued, respectful, and joyous connection.
Our Vision
Our vision is to set new standards within the maid agency sector in Singapore, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive experience from hiring to ongoing support for migrant domestic workers. Our commitment to excellence prioritises the well-being of both our clients and domestic workers, aiming to elevate the overall experience and satisfaction in the domestic worker employment journey.
Core Values
Rooted in the core values of honesty, integrity, empathy, and humility, our aim is twofold: to ensure families find the ideal domestic worker who complements their needs and values, and to match migrant domestic workers with families that truly appreciate and value their contribution.

Why choose us?

At Honest Recruiter, we set ourselves apart as the leading maid agency in Singapore with a commitment to excellence, transparency, and personalised service. Here are just a few reasons why clients consistently choose us for their domestic staffing needs:


Personalized Matching Process

We understand that every home and family has unique needs. That's why we go beyond the resume to personally interview and assess each helper, ensuring a perfect match between our clients and their new domestic helper.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Our helpers receive extensive training to meet the diverse and changing needs of your household. From basic housekeeping to specialised care for elderly or children, we ensure they are well-equipped to handle their duties proficiently.

Ethical and Transparent Practices

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We maintain transparency in all our dealings, ensuring fair treatment for both our clients and their helpers. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Dedicated Post-Placement Support

Our relationship with you doesn't end once you've hired a helper. We offer ongoing support and counselling services for helpers, and are always available to assist with any challenges that may arise.

Safety and Well-being Priority

With our own Helpers Hostel, we ensure the safety, well-being, and comfort of helpers before they start their employment. This guarantees that they are well-rested, acclimatised, and ready to commence their duties upon placement.

Expertise in Local and Overseas Hiring

Whether you're looking for a local part-time maid or an overseas transfer maid, our extensive network and expertise ensure we can meet your specific requirements efficiently and effectively.

Choosing Honest Recruiter means opting for a partner who values your peace of mind as much as you do. We are dedicated to fostering harmonious homes by providing the best maid hiring experience in Singapore.

Get to know the passionate professionals driving our company forward.

Our Team

Ren Hao


An experienced factory operations manager with involvement in digital ventures capitalist business startups. He is a diploma graduate from SIRS of retail management studies. The venture into employment agencies was also planned as I understood the importances of hiring skilled talents and advocating reupskilling of existing labour to improve productivity and efficiency thus able to give our clients better advices and services with my vast experiences.

Eric Heng


For over 20 years, Eric has been working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for various companies and is skilled in team building, strategic planning, and company collaboration. Eric believes that the perfect balance of classical marketing strategies and modern techniques yield the best results.



Nawas is an EA personel with more than 12 years of experience. Nawas has a magnetic presence in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work tirelessly towards success. Nawas is inspired daily by her husband and their four children.